Phase 4 Calendar

(Download the Phase 4 Calendar | View the Phase 4 Assignment Prompt)

During our final phase, you will substantially revise your major assignments, articulate and analyze your learning process and gained knowledge, practice formal reflection writing and editing, and prepare your final digital portfolio.


  • You should have access to all readings & all assignments every class (in print or on your laptop/phone). This is because we’ll likely refer back to previous assignments/readings.
  • “BB” stands for “Blackboard”
  • All underlines below are LINKS
  Tu 11/21Gather & re-read your 3 cover letters and your 3 phase essays. Take notes on any sentences or sections that most capture your learning this semester. Submit to BB.Phase 4 Assignment PromptIntro self-assessment essayIn-class writing workshopRevision strategies
Th 11/23NO WORK DUENO CLASS. Thanksgiving Break.
  Tu 11/28Review your notes from the in-class writing workshop. Using these notes, complete a full draft of your Self-Assessment Essay. Submit to BB and upload to this shared Google Drive folder.NO CLASS.Attend 1-on-1 conference
Th 11/30Complete a “Phase 4 Peer Review” worksheet for your two peers. Upload your worksheets to your peers’ respective Google Drive folders.NO CLASS.Attend 1-on-1 conference
  Tu 12/5 Revise your Self-Assessment Essay draft based on feedback you received during peer review. Submit to BB.Revise your Phase 3 essay based on feedback from your instructor. Upload to your WordPress site.MEET IN THE COMPUTER LAB WordPress Portfolio DesignEditing at the sentence-level
Th 12/7Revise your Phase 3 essay once more based on sentence-level feedback you received from peers. Upload latest version to your WordPress site.In-Class FinalGoodbyesCourse Evaluations
Tu 12/12Review the instructor feedback you received for your Self-Assessment Essay (feedback due to you by today).NO CLASS, of course.
Th 12/14Revise your Self-Assessment essay based on your instructor’s feedback. Submit to BB the URL to your Final Portfolio (which should include your Self-Assessment and revised essays)NO CLASS, of course.
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