Phase 2 Calendar

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During Phase 2, you will learn more about reading texts for what they “do” and practice analyzing texts for their rhetorical features. You will also practice creating different kinds of rhetorical texts that target and are designed for specific audiences. Among other small assignments, you will complete the second major writing assignment of our course, the Rhetorical Analysis Assignment.


  • You should have access to all readings & all assignments every class (in print or on your laptop/phone). This is because we’ll likely refer back to previous assignments/readings.
  • “BB” stands for “Blackboard”
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M 10/9      NO WORK DUE                                                        NO CLASS.
  T 10/10Sign up for CUNY Academic Commons.

Watch this video about creating a WordPress Site. Follow video to create a first draft of your WordPress Site. Submit a link to BB.

Review & then select 3-5 peers’ narratives from our shared folder that you would be interested in analyzing.

Phase 1 Reflection

Assign Phase 1 Revisions

Digital Portfolio & WordPress
Selecting a peer narrative

Scheduling interviews
  W 10/11Write & submit to BB Part 1 of your Phase 2 Rhetorical Analysis Assignment. Print and bring to class 2 copies (or bring your laptop with the latest draft saved).Interview questions and interview strategies

The magazine “Profile” genre

Workshop Part 1 drafts
  M 10/16Complete the interviews with your two peers (one where you’re the interviewer and the other the interviewee).

Transcribe at least 250 words from the interview, capturing salient or interesting moments. Submit to BB.

Analyze a Model Text

In-class writing of Part 2

Workshop in-class writing
W 10/18Write & submit to BB a first draft of Part 2.

Submit to BB. Print and bring to class 2 copies (or bring your laptop with the latest draft saved).
Workshop Model Text as class

Workshop Part 2 drafts
M 10/23Revise & polish the final draft of Part 2 based on peer feedback. Then, write & paste your cover letterat the beginning of the document. Submit to BB.Phase 2 Reflections

Introduce Phase 3 Assignment

Basic Online Searches